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About the Greater Greenville Master Gardeners Association (GGMGA) -
The Greater Greenville Master Gardener Association (GGMGA) is an educational, non-profit service organization consisting of certified Clemson Extension Master Gardeners. GGMGA works in partnership with the Clemson University Extension Office as a service arm of Extension Horticulture providing non-biased, research-based horticultural information to diverse groups of people within the Greenville County area. What really sets Master Gardeners apart from other home gardeners is their special training in horticulture and their volunteer work in the community.

Our members are volunteer educators who work through the local Clemson Extension Office as well as through our own organization to fulfill our mission of education and service. Typical volunteer activities include: answering plant and gardening questions in person or by phone at the Clemson Extension Office and at Ask a Master Gardener locations around the county; conducting education events at several local garden sites which we maintain; training Jr. Master Gardeners; staffing Speakers Bureau requests for educational presentations; working with school gardens and community garden projects and many other activities. We also host a popular annual gardening symposium for the public, which brings attendees from around our state. Our Spring Plant Sale is one of our most successful endeavors.
Once you complete the 40 hours and become a Certified Master Gardener, you will always be a Clemson Certified Master Gardener.

The GGMGA is your professional organization to keep up-to-date with the latest horticulture news and with volunteer opportunities, if you want to volunteer. Volunteer hours are logged in at the Clemson site.

Here is the membership information from the GGMGA By-Laws:

ARTICLE III. Membership

Classes of Membership for Clemson Extension Certified Master Gardener:

CE Certified Master Gardener--individuals who have successfully completed the Master Gardener Training Class (MGTC) and the initial 40-hour requirement.

  • A. Active—Individuals who have completed 20 hours or more of Extension-approved Educational Service volunteer hours and 10 or more Extension-approved Continuing Education hours during the previous calendar year and who have paid dues.
  • B. Alumni—CE Certified MGs who do not complete the requirements to maintain Active status and who have paid annual dues.
  • C. Emeritus—Individuals serving the CE MG Program for an extended period of time. Exact qualifications for Emeritus status are to be determined.
  • D. Student Members—Individuals currently enrolled in the MGTC who have been granted complimentary membership.
  • E. Interns—Individuals who have successfully completed the MGTC, but have not completed the initial 40-hour volunteer commitment. These individuals must pay dues in July following completion of the training program to continue membership in GGMG.
  • F. Honorary Members—Individuals awarded special recognition by the Executive Committee for exemplifying the spirit of the Master Gardener program by promoting consumer horticulture education in Greenville County.
  • G. Transferees—Master Gardeners from other states who are currently auditing the MGTC or who will audit the next available MGTC. A letter of recommendation from the transferee’s previous Extension MG Coordinator and a copy of the transferee’s MG certification must be forwarded to the Clemson Extension MG Coordinator. While the transferee is auditing the MGTC or waiting to complete the Clemson Extension requirements, he/she, upon payment of dues, will have all rights, responsibilities, and privileges of membership with the exception of providing educational service to the public. Transferees from other counties within South Carolina will become members of The Greater Greenville Master Gardeners Association upon payment of annual dues.
Any Certified Master Gardener in the Greenville area may join GGMG.
Click here for a 2017-2018 Membership Form (pdf format)